Mastering the College Professor Look


I’ve been growing a beard recently. Not a mountain man beard, just a nice trim one to see how it looks. There have been a number of very nice comments that fall in the “wow, you look pretty good with a beard” category. One that caught me off guard – in a good way – was when a friend said, “Nice, you look like a college professor”. In addition to the evolving beard, I had on khakis, an oxford, saddle bucks, and yes, a corduroy … [Read more...]

The Belts and Braces Approach

Of all the items populating the gentleman’s accessories drawer, the belt and the braces (suspenders) are two of the most overlooked in terms of importance both aesthetically and in terms of quality. Of course, there are those chaps, anxious to impersonate a billboard, who select their belts very carefully and order them by size: size of designer logo. And naturally, due to their appearance on the slick runways of Paris on the malnourished … [Read more...]

“Black is the New Black”

Black has always been the most iconic color in terms of classic sophistication and so it’s of little surprise that the hue of choice for brooding intellectuals is once again back in fashion. Living in New York means that at least half of my wardrobe is either black or gray. It is a given that in the case that in most cities and professional settings, the de rigueur color is black. Beyond this though, black is also the vehicle for many fashion … [Read more...]

Creating a Stylish & Personal Study

When I think about the various elements of personal style, my thoughts do not stop at the wardrobe door.  As I have said many times before and will continue to say, style is not just about clothes.  Anyone can buy nice clothes and walk down the street.  That’s not necessarily style – it’s fashion.  Personal style encompasses your entire personality; what do you value, what interests you, where have you been and where do you want to go? … [Read more...]

Out With the Old, In With the New

Something I really enjoy about the month of December is that within a week of nostalgic reminiscences of the previous twelve months, gorging on goose, turkey, fruit puddings, wines, and all sorts of extravagant comestibles, a shiny new year is being welcomed in and the portly merriment of Christmas becomes a joyful espousal of the coming year. Vows for personal betterment are made, and though old acquaintances be not forgot, the 31st of December … [Read more...]