Archives for March 2007

Spring Trend: V-Neck Sweaters

V-neck sweaters are perfect separate staples for men, and now that they’re back, they’ll be making an appearance in your wardrobe soon. Tons of colors, lots of silhouettes, and a healthy selection of designers make v-necks the trend for Spring 2007. [Read more…]

Style Guide on Classic Men’s Dress Hats

No matter what’s in style, you can be sure that classic hats are always hot. Dress hats complement a suit, add that special touch to your suit or even casual outfit, and are available in so many different looks that you can be sure to complement your personal style. [Read more…]

Master of Men’s Accessories: Johnny Depp

If you ever need a little bit of guidance on how to wear your accessories for maximum impact, try emulating Johnny Depp’s wildly popular style. While it may seem devil-may-care, Johnny’s accessories blend together in an effortlessly cool look. [Read more…]

Muscle Men Are Back On Runways

There’s no denying that this spring 2007, classical Greek silhouettes have been making an even greater impact on men’s fashion than they usually do. Even though we’ve been positively drenched with simple skinny styles from favorite designers like Dsquared, Y-3 and Jean Paul Gaultier, muscle-bound looks are in again. [Read more…]

Trend Watch: Duffle Coat

What It Is

A duffle coat is a perfect trend to follow if you’re looking for a warm coat with classic appeal. Derived from the town named Duffelzandhoven, from where the warm wool from which these coats are made originates, they traditionally have horn buttons and plaid linings. [Read more…]