Archives for March 2007

Trend: The Tweed Jacket

Tweed jackets aren’t only for the professor crowd anymore. And with so many silhouettes and style to choose from, why should they be? Tweed has made a strong comeback and continues to push ahead.

Thick, substantial fabrics are completely in, so go for layering a few heavier fabrics this season. [Read more…]

2007 Fall/Winter Fashion: Futuristic Clothing

Before you start imagining rather wild clothing, futuristic fashion doesn’t have to be so far out. Modern lines and daring new looks can all contribute to futuristic clothes trends. Bright, day-glo colors, new and interesting fabrics, and innovative cuts all have a touch of high modern style. [Read more…]

Trend: Preppy Style

What matches perfectly with a Nantucket summer, sailing, and elite Ivy League schools? If you’ve noticed polos, khaki shorts, and sporty accessories, then you’ve got the answer: preppy style.

This style may be a trend, but it’s also a classic look. Preppy never truly went away—although we can say that it was lying dormant before it surfaced again. [Read more…]

Trend: Trench Coats

This Autumn/Winter, we’ll be seeing plenty of men’s trench coats, so if you’re wearing a mid-length or a long one, belted or loose, you’ll be in style all season long.

Trench coats are a practical but trendy cover-up—they’re the best of both worlds. They are a totally professional choice for any businessman, but they can also defy expectations with unanticipated details. [Read more…]

Wedding Guests’ Attire Guide

Wedding guest attireHeading to a wedding as a guest? Relax; it’s not your wedding. Your only worry is what you’ll be wearing. Luckily, you can’t go wrong when you follow a few rules when it comes to wedding attire. If you haven’t done it already, the first thing that you should check is the invitation, which will usually guide you in what kind of wedding you’ll be attending. [Read more…]