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Short Introduction to Penny Loafers

The History

Loafers—which include our classic penny variety—are based on traditional moccasin styles that were worn by Native Americans. While many say that loafers became popular in the 1930s, slippers worn by early settlers in America were worn since the time of the early settlers and are based on the traditional moccasin shape, too. [Read more…]

The Points of Choosing a Three-Piece Suit

Three-piece suits are traditional suits with classic appeal. Made up of trousers, a jacket, and a vest or waistcoat, three-piece can up your style points instantly and add a completely different air to your professional dress.

The Jacket

The Collar

The collar of your jacket should fit against your neck, but without any of that buckling and pulling. [Read more…]

19th Century Western Style Takes Over

credit: style.comWe’re seeing it everywhere: from streets to celebrities, a distinctly cowboyish style is coming back into favor. Pull out your favorite henleys and vintage pair of Levi’s, because you’ll find a more rugged look pushing its way onto the scene.

What’s the look that has every well-groomed man reaching for the mustache wax? [Read more…]

Appropriate Black Tie Attire

Many formal events go hand-in-hand with what we consider black tie functions. Black tie events can vary, and sometimes you will only know by the request listed on the invitation! Weddings may require black tie dress, as well as benefits, work functions, dinners, awards events, and galas. You’ll know whether black tie is required from the specifications made by your boss, your friend, or from the event details in your invitation or placard. [Read more…]

White Jeans Trend

If you’ve been seeing white jeans in the shops and in the newest collections, read on to find out what’s new for spring/sumer 2007 from some of the newest brands as well as our old favorites. This time, whites have been reworked into a variety of flattering cuts that, when paired with anything from flip flops to boots, will make their way straight to Labor Day this season. [Read more…]