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A Quick Guide to Wearing Sandals

If there’s one thing that probably has bothered every guy at one time or another, it’s coordinating sandals with both casual and dressy outfits. Sometimes it’s hard to tell what goes with what, how to complement your very favorite outfit with sandals, and—even worse—exactly how to get your feet into sandal shape.

Years of sandal stress have helped me compile a short list of things we should—and should not—do when wearing sandals this spring. [Read more…]

Nixon Watches Picks

Nixon watches are timepieces with an attitude and a young vibe. While they can equally find themselves on the wrist of a professional or on a student, they combine fresh details with the traditional features of any quality watch. Slick leather bands are found in new variations: bright white, smooth imported leather, and bright gold paired with a highly individual watch face. [Read more…]

3 Men’s Jacket Trends You Can Depend On

Looking for lasting style on a budget? There are some trends that appear regularly on the catwalk, and you can be sure that if you invest in these pieces, you can look good at work, conserve your money, and still stay current from season to season. [Read more…]

Style Primer: Cocktail Attire

History of Cocktail Attire

Cocktail parties are rumored to have gotten their name in the 1920s during Prohibition in the United States. Drinking alcohol was illegal, and social drinking moved to houses. Where you could find alcohol and set up a bar, people were sure to congregate. [Read more…]

Find a Pair of Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

Looking for a hot pair of shades that will really flatter your face? Try these different shapes and styles to find the pair of sunglasses that works for your face shape. [Read more…]