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How to Fold Shirts

If you’re feeling skeptical about this topic, keep in mind that this skill can come in handy. If you’re traveling, moving or just doing a little spring cleaning, you can cut your time spent folding short-sleeved, long-sleeved, and dress shirts.

Follow these handy steps to fold your shirt easily!

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H&M Continues to Offer Great Styles at Low Prices

H&M was founded back in Sweden in 1947 and has meticulously taken on the fashion world in subtle ways; in a sense, it exists under the radar of serious fashionistas yet competes in ways in which its presence is undeniable. For one, H&M has some of the largest concept stores ever, dwarfing the square footage of your average Abercrombie and Fitch store of that of many specialty high-end retailers that attempt to cram the most expensive kitsch clothing into the smallest space possible. [Read more…]

How to Care For Your Dress Shirts

Caring for your shirts in the proper fashion will result in a crisp look and a more professional appearance. By treating your shirts their best, you ensure that they’ll last longer and look better for as long as you care to wear them. Banish the wrinkled look and say hello to perfectly pressed, utterly stylish shirts for both work and play!

You should always check the care suggestions on your dress shirt and try to stick to them. Always wash your dress shirt after you purchase it. If you wear it right after buying, it will feel stiff and could still contain chemicals. [Read more…]

Retro Sunglasses Trend

Eyewear is exciting this season, as designers are embracing new styles and reworked looks to give you a ton of cool choices to choose from. Sunglasses are super stylish and booming in popularity—and styles have never been so easily available. [Read more…]

Primer to Men’s Espadrilles

Espadrilles originated in France, in the Pyrenees, and are casual sandals with a rope or rope-like sole. Usually constructed of canvas or cotton, espadrilles have a highly distinctive shape and look.

Espadrilles require a complex construction procedure. The soles are braided with a machine, and then are shaped into soles which are shaped and set by heat. [Read more…]