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2-Button vs. 3-Button

You may have a healthy mix of two and three-button suits in your closet already, but you still might wonder what works best. Three-button suits might have been more popular in the last decade, but everyone should keep at least one two-button suit around.

If you’re still stumped about what type of suit to choose, read on:

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Rules for Wearing Button-collar Shirts?

A reader asks…
I’ve been wondering if my button-down collared shirts are totally “out.” I like to wear mine unbuttoned, which I’ve been told isn’t proper. Are there rules for wearing button-collar shirts? If, that is, I should still be wearing them?


There’s usually some debate stirring around regarding button-collar shirts. [Read more…]

Men’s Fragrance Launches in 2007

Looking for the perfect men’s fragrance? Options are getting exciting during summer 2007. Due to wildly varied demands for new men’s fragrances such as citrus and food-and-spice inspired notes, it’s even easier to find what you want, and fast.

It’s not just newly-released men’s fragrances that are getting the attention this year. Even men’s fragrances that have been around for a while are getting a facelift. [Read more…]