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Activist Clothing is No Longer Just for Hippies with Ugly Ponytails

Apolis Activism, which is a small line, primarily graphic tees and knits, and available at boutiques like Los Angeles’ Scott Hill, Villains Vault in San Francisco and DressCodes in Decatur, is just the latest in the growing roster of what I call “Activist” brands, that make social activism (whether the cause is building sustainable economies in Third World countries or environmental conservation) part of its selling point. It’s not a new concept, but it seems that recently, it has really hit the big time. [Read more…]

Seattle Has Great Fashion Too

When we think of Seattle, thoughts of the epicenter of grunge music, a cool art scene and a town transformed through technology come to mind. Few think of fashion, though grunge chic seemed to radiate from the Northwest to the rest of the America in the late nineties. GQ has recognized four great stores out of the Seattle area as being in their 100 Best Men’s Stores in America for 2007, so we figured it was worth a look at a couple of these stores to see what separates them from the rest. [Read more…]

Trend: American Workwear


I became a fan of the “Americana workwear” clothing when I first walked into Drinkwaters in Cambridge sometime in the winter of 2003. At the time I didn’t know Gary Drinkwater by name (though I had already met him while he was working at Stonestreets,) but I gotten a mailer. I was particularly interested in a brand called ‘Engineered Garments” that I’d never heard about but had been mentioned on a blurb on the store in a free local magazine. [Read more…]

Stubble Maintenance

A reader asks…
I love the “stubble look.” How can I keep my fuzz a little longer without looking like I’m hungover or just plain lazy? I look so much better with a little bit of facial hair, but I do like to look neat. 


Easy! Instead of waiting for [Read more…]

Zara Spreads Spanish Style Wordwide

There is more to fashion than usual European and American labels most of us think about when considering where one can find great fashion. Seeing that Zara is going strong these days, having opened up 100 new stores which included stores in France and China, we figured it’d be worth taking a look to see what they’re doing that the rest of us do not know about, as well as see what other great Spanish brands are out there, because we all need something new and different for our wardrobe. [Read more…]