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Monochromatic Winter: Men’s Fashion for Fall/Winter 2007/2008

If you’ve noticed a concurrent theme throughout the collections of various designers for the Fall 2007 season there appears to be a general lack of color in various collections offered by designers as diverse as Calvin Klein to Dolce & Gabbana. [Read more…]

Pulling Off the No Tie Look at Workplace

Who says that you have to wear a suit with a tie to look professional? Take a look at how prominent business executives dress these days or perhaps Senator Barack Obama, and you’ll see what we’re talking about. The suit without a tie look evokes the sort of rebellious mystique that used to surround those who wore blue jeans and a black leather jacket 50 years ago. This is new territory for some of you, so we’ll offer up some viable alternatives to wearing a tie and suggest exactly why this look can work for you. [Read more…]

Tom Ford Goes Global

You should know by now that Tom Ford is no longer the creative director of Gucci, but the designer behind his own high-end label as he has opened up a store on Madison Avenue in New York, the destination for mammoth stores from designers like Ralph Lauren, advertising agencies and the Madison Square Garden. [Read more…]

Urban Fashion IS Serious About Style

credit - thesartorialist.blogspot.comUrban wear used to carry a very negative connotation in the minds of fashionistas, writers, and editors who felt as though the tried and tested fashion ethos was at risk of being lost to empty values of consumerism in which labels were more important than quality, and the politics of rebellion would win out against the individuality through associations of disenfranchisement of today’s disaffected youth. These are in lot the same individuals who felt that the grunge look or bohemian chic was the end of the world. True fashion is not about breaking all of the rules, just for the sake of doing so, but learning about how the rules relate to the way in which you see yourself in this world, and how you are going to use them to your own advantage. [Read more…]

Buy @ Yoox: Men’s Long Sleeve Linen Shirts for Summer

Men’s long sleeve linen shirts are great for a trendy summer look. They translate well when you’re headed from the beach to the boardwalk or to a cafe, but they also work for a casual event or outing. You can be sure when you slip on one, you’ll stay cool in summer heat and look great, too. And what better way to summer coolness than arming yourself with a bit of Italian flair: [Read more…]