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10 Essentials for the 20 Something

Top ten lists are always fun to read. And around this time of year, everyone starts to print 10 essential lists, usually incorporating a few things from the new Fall-Winter collections along with old chestnuts. Here is a list written with no reference to any new collections. [Read more…]

One of My Favorite Designers: Martin Margiela

Martin Margiela was one of the original Antwerp Six, the group of Belgian designers who took the fashion world by storm in the 1980s, though his association with the group was shortlived. Twenty odd years later, some have become fashion icons, while others have remained relatively obscure (raise your hand if you recognize Walter van Beirendonck’s “Wild and Lethal Trash” line.) [Read more…]

Guide to Washing Clothes

Pre Washing Checkout

1. Before washing, empty your pockets. You’d be surprised at the havoc a single receipt can cause on a load of black laundry.
2. Take off any pins or ornaments that may be on your shirts or trousers. If you work in a job where a name tag if required or even if you just love your band buttons.
3. Inspect everything for damage. It’s best to mend any tears before laundering, because otherwise, damage could get much worse. Imagine your favorite shirt. . . now imagine it unraveling. [Read more…]

The Worst of Summer, Style Wise

I hate summer. Well, I like running and biking and playing sports, but I strongly believe that sweating should be reserved for the gym, the track, and the soccer pitch. Yesterday, with the temperature in the high eighties and the humidity reaching 93% (and in my opinion, anything over 50% humidity is unconscionable), I was sweating just going a block to get lunch. And getting home, it was even worse. I grew up in Canada, so spare me the “You’d miss it if it were gone” speech. No, give me cool, crisp air that nips at your nose and a hot drink in hand any day. Yesterday, I was threatening to move our family to Norway, where the weather is reasonable year round. [Read more…]

Beard is Popular, but Ironically Shaving Products are Too

After years of being married to your razor, you are finally able to say good-bye to clumped stubble and dented shaving cream cans and embrace the beard. Even if you used to associate the bearded look with bikers and maybe even your dad, it’s time to forget the clippers and really get down to growing the long stuff.

We’ve seen beards sported on celebs of the moment like Justin Timberlake, Colin Farrell, Ashton Cutcher and Johnny Depp, and it seems like magazines are also bursting with bearded models. [Read more…]