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Aveda’s Pure-formance Performance

Men’s Pure-formance products? Fine, I’m not wild about the name, but if you cut through all that slick marketing factor, you’re looking at a very interesting product. I’m always on the search for cool new products for men, and I have several willing guinea pigs to give each product a try along with me.

And with Aveda’s newest additions, we’ve gotten a taste of seven new products to promote healthy scalps and clean skin, and that’s not bad at all. [Read more…]

The Umbrella for Gentlemen

In the grand city of London, it is said one can always rely upon the weather to be unreliable. In the morning it may be beaming with sunshine, but come lunchtime and the dark clouds cast gloom over ones head. Likewise, a soggy morning can lead one to don raincoat, stout shoes and perhaps even a daring sou’wester and yet one may feel ridiculous in the afternoon glow as the clouds drift away.

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Q&A: What Hairstyle for Narrow Face and Thin Body

A reader asks…
I have long thin narrow face and long narrow thin body (6 ft
tall and 134lbs.) I would to get my hair cut short, but people around
me say, “no”. I am 49 y.o., but I look early 30. Your opinion would be
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Hail the Swedish Giant and the Inditex Armada

It is not often that I express satisfaction with the world of affordable everyday menswear. Usually, I growl with contempt for the lackluster products available on the high street. However, recently, there is cause for cheer; it seems someone is finally considering style in relation to affordable male attire. [Read more…]

Classic Shades are Way to Go

Sunglasses are essential. We all need a little eye-protection from the sun at some stage. Even those who manage to travel without sunglasses, instead wearing wide-brim hats or even carrying a sun umbrella, will admit that at certain times of day, in certain environments, they wished they had some polarized lenses. Try walking around a small rustic village in Crete in the height of summer; and look at a mass of white buildings with a few dots of dazzling blue without wearing shades. Discomfort is an understatement. The last time I did it I had a headache and couldn’t see properly in the darkened rooms of cool churches for at least a few hours. [Read more…]