The Waistcoat Renaissance


Many wardrobe items experience a renaissance. It is well known that even fashion has its limits; classic designs are rarely bettered, and instead of replacing what works, designers merely alter and sometimes improve timeless pieces. The necktie has ballooned and dieted more than a narcissistic Californian; a tiny slither one minute, a vast kipper the next. Shirts had frills, and then no frills; the fact remained that it was still a piece of … [Read more...]

Rubbermaid to Lunch Everyday Men’s Grooming Tools

For all of the men out there who want to buy a good pair of tweezers but still feel a bit silly about it when they’re in the shops, they’re just about to get manlier. Before you scoff, think about it: some of you (my significant other included) don’t particularly want to traipse down the personal grooming aisle in just any drugstore. Besides the fact that they’re still very female-centered, they can be crowded, confusing, and basically a … [Read more...]

Washington, D.C.: Nearly Stylish

Washington, D.C. has long held the unenviable reputation of being a boring, ill-fitting and shoddy kind of town when it comes to fashion; men’s fashion in particular. Over the past few years however, D.C. has made some dramatic changes. We’re going upscale and fast becoming a serious luxury market. If you’re in the area make sure stop by the stores after visiting the sites. Iconic American style giant Ralph Lauren has made a major … [Read more...]

Travelling to Warmer Climes: Mastering the Colonial Look


Imagine the scene; it is a hot day in Yangon, and at the Strand Hotel, in the lobby, afternoon tea is being served to the exhausted new arrivals. One of whom is a man who fits the picture-postcard perfectly. Dressed in a cream suit, with white buck shoes and a panama hat, this gentleman might have walked from the pages of a Somerset Maugham short story. … [Read more...]

To Vent or Not to Vent


In fashion, as in many global industries, certain cultural indicators are resoundingly obvious.  They are the things that clearly say “French,” like a Hermes briefcase, or “American,” like a Louisville Slugger baseball bat. Often, they are immutable, solid and stable examples of permanence in a fast changing global marketplace. However, as the saying goes, the only constant thing in life is change. A classic of traditional American … [Read more...]