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London Fashion Week Exhibition

It is September in South Kensington, and that means one thing for the fashion-creatives of London; London Fashion Week. From the 15th to the 20th of September, London’s creative fashion centre switches to a white construction outside the Natural History Museum. Hopeful designers exhibit their clothing and press and buyers from around the UK and around the world scrutinise the offerings for a period of just six days. For the fashion elite of London, this is the event of the autumn, providing a glimpse at the future. But does it really offer anything for the stylish man-about-town? [Read more…]

Dazzling Briefs: You Guide to the Coolest Underwear

Who will admit they do not care for underwear? Who will claim that concealed clothing is unimportant and irrelevant? Many actually. I know plenty of men who buy the cheapest underwear due to a feeling that it is an unimportant article of clothing for the male. [Read more…]

What to Wear on Golf Court

Golf is for many an embarrassing game. A hooked first drive in front of the clubhouse, a lot of messing about in the long grass, three-putting on the greens; it’s enough to make any reasonable man break every beastly club from wood to sand-wedge. If you are not experienced with this misfortune, yet you play the game, you are to be envied; you are the cool golfer, the one to whom it doesn’t seem to matter and yet to whom all the first tee glory inevitably goes.

[Read more…]

‘Smart’ and ‘Stylish’ Goes Hand in Hand

Being called stylish can mean so many things. You dress well; you’ve got a nice haircut, cool bag, nice car, impressive art collection. Even how you walk down the street can be stylish – look at John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. Then there’s the kind of stylish that transcends the mere suit or fancy watch; being smart. Smart is very stylish.

Now, I’m not talking about book smart or theoretical physicist smart. To me, smart is being curious about the world around you and seeking out different points of view; these things make you an interesting person. [Read more…]

Johnny Depp Style: Individuality

Individuality is hard to come by these days. So often we see something we have seen before. Our eyes, narrowing with boredom, look upon ubiquity every day. And yet, there are the moments of pleasure; the simple smile on seeing something new, something unique.

Johnny Depp has exhausted most interpretations of the word ‘unique’ in his acting career. His roles are his own. He brings cocktails of personalities to his characters that both delight and surprise film fans. The same can be said of his style. [Read more…]