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Hairstyles on the New York Runway: Spring 2008 Offers Plenty of Choice

You may just have a grasp on fall hairstyles, but why not look forward to spring? Popular styles have been all over the runways in New York, and when you’re cultivating your winter ‘do, you’ll know exactly how to make the crucial season-to-season transition. Or, is there such a thing as fall and spring hairstyles at all? Good hairstyle is a good hairstyle, right? Go ahead, take a look, and get ahead of the crowd. No reason to not fashion new styles already. (New York Spring 2008 runway pictures) [Read more…]

The Wallet: It’s a Personal Thing

From billfolds to pocket secretaries, the wallet is one of the most personal items a man carries all day, every day. In addition to credit cards and cash, IDs and licenses, your wallet is often home to those personal scraps of memory and nostalgia unique to you. Unlike your bag, your shoes or even the clothes on your back, the wallet is so personal that for many men it never crosses their mind to get a new one unless prompted by sheer necessity. [Read more…]

Ivy League Look: How to Wear It

Whether or not you are Ivy League at heart, the preppy-chic looks which have been so important for fashion not just in America, but all around the world, are likely to have had an influence on you. Smart-casual, words often used on party invitations and for after hours work meetings have their origins in preppy clothing; that marriage of the formal and the sporting look. Shining shoes with denim, blazers with casual trousers, training shoes in the same outfit as a necktie, preppy style is actually a daring clash, though due to its history and long list of designers and style icons inspired by its combinations, is considered conservative. [Read more…]

Sporting Style, Part II: Center Court Sartorial

When Roger Federer steps onto the court, those not familiar with this dominating tactician may be forgiven if their first impression is that of just another pretty face who can hit a ball. The monogrammed blazer, patrician bearing and wavy hair all belie a masterful appreciation of what it takes to win on and off the court. Just as he rules the game of tennis, Roger Federer is reshaping the very look of the sport as well. If any athlete is making fashion news today it is he, and rightly so.
[Read more…]

Older Generation knows Style

Style is evergreen. It is the leaf that never browns, never wilts and never falls from the tree. Throughout the seasons of our life we can be reassured by it. So many in life will look to the shining light of youth for inspiration. The temporary beauty of youth is so intoxicating that we sometimes forget how little it has seen and how little it knows; the ‘blind confidence’ belies the naivety within. I believe in the power of youth, but I also believe in wisdom through aging. Especially where style is concerned. [Read more…]