Suit Styles: More than One Way to Wear a Suit


There is, it is said, more than one way to skin a cat. Not that I, or you, the collective readership should concern ourselves with this grisly practice, but you should note the pleasure of possibility. I had been told, and believed, there was only one way to wear a suit. Englishmen are notoriously arrogant when it comes to suits. Some men believe that because a certain Regency fop is responsible for the shape and style of the modern suit, that … [Read more...]

Care For Sweaters

Love your cashmere sweaters, or just want to keep yours around forever without destroying them? Understood. Now read on! Treatments and Washing • When you get ready to wash your clothes, separate knitwear when you sort laundry. If you throw a sweater in the washing machine, it won't last long! Anything that could be harmed by catches or snags should be thrown into a protective bag before it gets into the wash. • Avoid washing … [Read more...]

Choosing Eyeglasses for Your Face Shape

When I went shopping with a young lady recently for some new glasses, the massive range of designer frames on offer pushed me into a state of contemplation; I began to wonder what frames would suit my face, should the need for eyewear present itself. At present I have very good vision, although as both my mother and elder brother are now wearing prescription glasses, it wouldn’t surprise me if I needed vision assistance in the years to come. … [Read more...]

Dressing in Style Is Not About Spending and Brands

Some of my favorite articles of clothing that I own are also my least expensive ones. During a recent trip to London, I stopped in at Topman, a trendy, inexpensive store in the same vein as H&M and Zara, and bought a pair of dark, slim fit jeans that I wear more often than any other pair of jeans that I own. I believe that mixing and matching pieces from different price ranges is not only economical, but also eminently intelligent. Though … [Read more...]

Americana Look: The Urban Cowboy Trend

It is rare that I applaud fashion. Style is far more important to me than trend, and it is to that Pantheon of style icons that I pay homage. As Oscar Wilde once said,“fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.” It is that unappealing temporary charm that puts me off fashion; that risk of buying something which will be worthless in half a year. I am never a slave to fashion. However, fashion has … [Read more...]