Defending a Man’s Bag


As student of history, I am often fascinated about how things seem to cycle in and out of favor over the years, decades, sometimes even centuries. Men have always been on the move, be it hunting, exploring, or – in a less glamorous modern vein – commuting. Look at old painting and drawing; a man always seemed to have his bag. Tied to a belt, hanging from a horse’s saddle, or slung over a shoulder; it was always there. Somewhere along the … [Read more...]

Choosing and Wearing Daytime Bow Tie

If there was ever a misunderstood item of male clothing, then the bow-tie is that item. Perceived as an accessory appropriate for mockery, relegated from everyday use to infrequent evening wear, the bow-tie is the symbol of a lost generation. So many people are incapable of tying their own bow tie. A fact which, in itself, shouts of a neglect for a style of necktie which has been ridiculed as much as it has been celebrated; people are as … [Read more...]

The Odd Jacket


So, you ask; what is an "odd Jacket?" It’s really just a clever term for any sport coat, blazer, or other jacket that is not part of a suit. The odd jacket, long a versatile weapon in many a man’s wardrobe arsenal, has finally come into its own on the fashion front. In catalogs and stores blue blazers, tweed hacking jackets, corduroy sport coats, and linen jackets abound. I have always been a bit of a sucker for jackets. To me, they add … [Read more...]

Wearing Now: Men’s Runway Trends Fall-Winter 2007-2008


Sometimes runway round-ups can leave you feeling like you’ll be out of style because you can’t find anything that looks quite right, but this fall and winter will bring you something that suits you very, very well. If you’re sporty, refined, or even a combat boots-loving guy, this is your season to work in your personal style. Ski and Snow Details Parkas, ‘70s throwback racing stripes, and Fair Isle sweaters have that fun, retro vibe … [Read more...]

Tips to Keep Clothes Wrinkle Free

Ironing has to be one chore that no one (and really, no one) actually looks forward to. Why don't we just prevent all the wrinkles from happening so we don't have to bother anymore? If that sounds like a good idea, read on to find out how to prevent wrinkles from occurring. Preventing Wrinkles Preventing wrinkles is an important step, because if you play your cards right when you wash and dry everything, you can pretty much avoid the ironing … [Read more...]