How Should Men of Style Dress for Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching and invitations to soirees are being pushed through many a door. It’s a festival that gives rise to an excuse for parties and celebrations, and many choose to enjoy the occasion by dressing up. Halloween themed parties concentrate on the spooky side of the festival; the references to literature and cinematic horror, the folklore and mysticism. I have attended few Halloween functions in recent years, but it made me … [Read more...]

Caring For Your Clothes


Investing in a well-tailored and high quality wardrobe can be an exciting and rewarding experience. It can also make a big difference in your outlook on life and on yourself. Keeping that investment in great shape takes a little work but that effort will keep your clothes in runway shape for a long time. While it does take some effort on your part, you’ll probably become one of those people that others point to and say, “wow, how does he … [Read more...]

Style Decade: The 1980s

The 1980s, the decade in which I came into this world, seems to be the decade everybody loves to hate. The music, most people will claim, was not music at all. The politicians were selfish, sleazy and corrupt, or so cynics say. Everything from the boxy, horrible cars to the vulgar greed culture is largely maligned as being representative of a decade of waste and ugliness that we should best learn from, and then try to forget. It is also common … [Read more...]

Shopping Vintage Clothing

I love using eBay. It’s such a wonderful world that has been opened up; the virtual portal into the salable leftovers of other peoples lives. Antiques, used picture frames, old toys and jewellery; the internet’s largest Aladdin’s cave is one of my favourite places to go for interesting and unique things. It also reminds me of the ability of one person to see value in something that another has ceased to recognise as valuable. Vintage … [Read more...]

Finding a Shoe Shine in D.C.

Getting one’s shoes shined used to be a regular occurrence for most men. Back in the day of formal workplaces, suits, ties, and business shoes were the daily costume of every working man, from CEO to junior accountant. After decades of erosion, the very foundation of men’s business dress was on the verge of collapse until reason and style began to slowly regain a foothold in the boardroom. As dressing well makes a comeback so, thank goodness, … [Read more...]