Hiding Your “Flaws” With Clothing

Do you have certain areas that you wish you could hide? Don't we all! You'll find that if you shop specifically for items that flatter or at least camouflage your difficult areas, you can feel way more relaxed about the rest of your wardrobe. Enter a world where the gym isn't the only answer, and body camouflage means a lot. Thin Arms Got thin arms? Check these tips out: • Draw eyes away from your arms with shaped necklines, like henley … [Read more...]

Timeless Appeal of Black and White

Black and white is so simple. One is the very apex of colour, the other the complete absence of colour. The basic art of sartorial monochrome was certainly one of the most influential fashion movements of the 20th century, and it seems like designers and the public can’t get enough of the penguin palette. … [Read more...]

Finding the Right Fit for Your Clothes

I talk a lot about your clothes needing to fit properly. When your suits, shirts, and trousers fit your body, they disappear; people may notice your overall appearance but exactly what you have on is less prominent. Comments may range from your overall good sense of style to compliments on a specific article of clothing. Regardless of your sterling personality, MBA, or fat bank account, when your clothes don’t fit your body – be it too large … [Read more...]

Leather Jacket Choices

It has been associated with pilots, rebel bikers, rock stars, Nazis, punks and policemen; an incredible cocktail of influences, both good and bad, to live up to, but the leather jacket is one of the most unique items of clothing one can buy. It’s not that there is anything special about leather – we wear leather shoes, belts and some of us have leather luggage. We sit in cars lined with leather and we shake hands after removing leather … [Read more...]

Dressing to Look Shorter

Looking shorter may seem like a ridiculous thought to shorter folks, but if you're tall and thin, you're probably looking for a way to decrease your gangliness. … [Read more...]