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Hiding Your “Flaws” With Clothing

Do you have certain areas that you wish you could hide? Don’t we all! You’ll find that if you shop specifically for items that flatter or at least camouflage your difficult areas, you can feel way more relaxed about the rest of your wardrobe. Enter a world where the gym isn’t the only answer, and body camouflage means a lot.

Thin Arms

Got thin arms? Check these tips out:
• Draw eyes away from your arms with shaped necklines, like henley tees with a button placket or v-neck necklines. This may not be advisable when you’ve got less of a defined chest, but otherwise, bring the eyes towards your torso and away from your limbs.

• Aim for thicker fabrics when you’re wearing long-sleeved shirts.

Do you have a little extra weight in your chest? That can be annoying, especially when you like to exercise but you suffer from unmanly mob bounce. Minimize the look of a larger chest with some quick tricks.
• Layer t-shirts and tank tops, and stay away from lightweight and clinging fabrics. If fabrics sticks around your fattier spots, it will emphasize them.

• Always layer tank tops or t-shirts to reduce the jiggle factor.

Big Stomach
Lots of guys fight the tummy bulge at one time, so prepare yourself ahead of time just in case. . .
• Heavy fabrics can work as outer layers, but don’t forget that lightweight fabrics work well for layers closest to the body. All you need to do is try a comfortable tank top underneath and tuck it in to look put together.

• Keep your pants at your belly level. If you push them down over your stomach, your midsection will just look larger.

• Look for suits that are well tailored. Try on both single and double-breasted styles to see what fits your personal taste and build.

• Find shirts with extra shaping. Baggy t-shirts simply aren’t flattering, and the drape will merely emphasize your stomach.

Small Feet
Small feet are surprisingly difficult to deal with, especially if you wear really small size. Smaller sizes are hard to find and don’t look very flattering on an average sized man. Consider getting bespoke shoes made, which can be expensive but are perfect shoe choice. Cobbler can make longer shoes for you but still make them fit. Why spend money on shoes that don’t look half as good when you can invest in a pair that fits like a glove?

Butt Concerns
While men don’t have as many issues with their rear as women do (and you’re lucky, you know that?), a supremely large or small caboose can be problematic. If you have larger, heaver thighs and hips, hunt out flat-front dress trousers that won’t emphasize your excess weight.

Have a sagging rear? Get rid of the old boxer briefs and find something that hugs your behind a little more. Try tighter boxer briefs and jockeys for a little lift—trust me, you’ll feel the difference.

Long Torso, Short Legs

Are your legs short? Fight your natural stature and look taller the next time you get dressed.
• Tuck in shirts to emphasize your waist, and pair them with trousers that hit at your waist.

• Invite contrast by wearing shirts that aren’t similar in color. If you “cut yourself off” at the waist, you’ll add length to your legs.

• If you’re slimmer with shorter legs, you may want to try wearing a pullover shirt instead of button-down shirts.

Long Legs, Short Body
Do you have long legs and a shorter torso? While this may not be a problem, you probably find that some clothes don’t really flatter your body type. Try these ideas to make your body look more balanced.
• Don’t wear jeans at your waist. Try a pair of slacks that hit slightly lower, like near your hips. It will decrease the daddy-longlegs effect you can get going on, especially if you’re tall and thin.

• Wear t-shirts that are styled for men with long torsos.

• If your legs look disproportionately long, look for trousers with a cuff.

• Suits will be trickier, but there are some techniques you can try to add balance to your shape. Don’t invite too much contrast, like with a bright shirt and dark trousers, because it will emphasize how high up your legs really go, and your shortwaistedness.

• Look for jackets and shirts with a long, lean line that fall below the waist. You can tuck in shirts, but be sure that your outer layers falls below the waist to add length to your torso.

Timeless Appeal of Black and White

Black and white is so simple. One is the very apex of colour, the other the complete absence of colour. The basic art of sartorial monochrome was certainly one of the most influential fashion movements of the 20th century, and it seems like designers and the public can’t get enough of the penguin palette. [Read more…]

Finding the Right Fit for Your Clothes

I talk a lot about your clothes needing to fit properly. When your suits, shirts, and trousers fit your body, they disappear; people may notice your overall appearance but exactly what you have on is less prominent. Comments may range from your overall good sense of style to compliments on a specific article of clothing. Regardless of your sterling personality, MBA, or fat bank account, when your clothes don’t fit your body – be it too large or too small – everything suffers. Unfortunately, this is a common problem with many men. So, let’s talk it over and get you cleaned up. [Read more…]

Leather Jacket Choices

It has been associated with pilots, rebel bikers, rock stars, Nazis, punks and policemen; an incredible cocktail of influences, both good and bad, to live up to, but the leather jacket is one of the most unique items of clothing one can buy. It’s not that there is anything special about leather – we wear leather shoes, belts and some of us have leather luggage. We sit in cars lined with leather and we shake hands after removing leather gloves. Leather is everyday and all year round, it’s not different in itself, it’s just that the leather jacket has a mysterious quality to it. It’s so noticeable in an outfit, that nearly everything else goes unnoticed. [Read more…]

Dressing to Look Shorter

Looking shorter may seem like a ridiculous thought to shorter folks, but if you’re tall and thin, you’re probably looking for a way to decrease your gangliness. [Read more…]