Leather Ankle Boots: Trendy, Stylish and Practical

One trend that has been on the steady rise this fall is the resurgence of stylish, leather ankle boots that can be worn either dressed up or casually. The leather boot is a great item because it gives men another option between the sometimes-limited choice of either loafers or regular lace-ups. They thus add an extra flair to an outfit that says the wearer tasks risks and is confident in his style decisions. For a dressed up look, they can … [Read more...]

My Sartorial Gifts Wish List

So what would I like for Christmas? You know you are hurtling towards old age when you have to ask yourself that question, and you feel even older when people have to ask you. When you were a child, you were easy to cater for; the latest toy, gadget, computer game and mountain bike seemed to do the trick. You only had to follow the current wave, or even ask what other parents were buying their children and thus, ubiquity prevailed; everyone … [Read more...]

Icons of Timeless Style – Part I: JFK, George Clooney


With terms like “style” and “fashion” being attributed to every moderately talented celebrity with a pretty face, I recently sat down and considered who I consider to be true style icons. Not the fleeting hotshots for me; no, I am talking about men of substance who have endured the test of time as well as those who clearly will. When I think of those people to whom I look to for inspiration, I demand far more than flash. I want … [Read more...]

From the Dowdy to the Dandy

For years men have been strolling around in their worn jeans, printed shirts and velcro trainers, relieved that nothing will rival good, comfy clothes, until now. The return of a true daring men’s style that is flamboyant and sophisticated at the same time. Yes, the dandy is back. To achieve this particular look, the most important thing you will need is confidence and a bit of creativity. A real dandy will be able to walk into a room and … [Read more...]

One Thing: Cashmere Crewneck Sweater


As the holiday season ratchets into full swing, my wife usually asks for my wish list. We both understand that in my case this particular list is really more of a lifetime To-Do list than a “what I want for Christmas this year” list. I have things on there like “Rolex Submariner” and “Interview Ralph Lauren for the blog”; not exactly presents to whip together in a few weeks. There are however several items that I see as luxuries … [Read more...]