Wearable Trend to Embrace Right Now

This picture, taken from the Mulberry website, showcases the look of this season. The leather bomber jacket, the plaid shirt, braided belt, and slim dark-wash jeans are all integral pieces for anyone looking to follow the latest trends. Even with the plaid shirt, however, I would not classify this look as “bohemian intellectual.” Rather, the slim-fitting bomber jacket and jeans provide a structure to this look that is more the Ramones than … [Read more...]

Gordon Brown’s Style Problem


I feel a modicum of sympathy for modern politicians. It must be inordinately taxing for them to appear to be pleased to see the deep ranks of the sniffling public; those pushing up at railings at hospital openings, shouting about their relatives languishing on endless waiting lists. Then, braving the underrated brutality of eggs and saliva, they shake hands with all and sundry and lie convincingly about ‘new steps’, ‘great improvements’ … [Read more...]

3 Random Sartorial Mistakes That Bother Me

As we head into this holiday season, with shopping and gifts on the near horizon, I want to point out a few pet peeves of mine. They are simple areas of improvement that can benefit guys everywhere. Not major investments, they are more simple behavioral changes; minor yet still egregious sartorial errors that people make on an all too regular basis. So, before you get that fancy overcoat or pick up some new shoes, please read this first. My … [Read more...]

COS Stores: Style and Quality Finally Affordable

I am very wary of making predictions. Dining on my own words has always put me off soothsaying and I am unpleasant when humbled. However, there is one thing I am confident in claiming, something I am almost certain will be proved to be correct. And that is that COS, the stylish little-sister company to Swedish behemoth H&M, is the future of style for the man on the street. I am famous for my unswerving loyalty to Zara, and for good reason; … [Read more...]

Mastering the Rumpled Look


Cooler weather is always more kind to men when it comes to getting dressed in the morning. We can layer, pull out the cords, throw on a chunky jacket and top it off with a warm scarf. The sheer variety of cool weather clothing is something many a man looks to as the thermometer drops. For those of us with the flexibility to move between business dress and corporate casual, what I call the “Rumpled Look” is a middle alternative to just … [Read more...]