Choosing Scarves


How many scarves does a man need? I have bought scarf upon scarf, never counting the total, never even caring how much I frittered away. Digging through piles of forgotten cotton in my many draws, I have discovered old reserves of scarves, and of varying shapes and sizes. Variety, I have often been taught, is the spice of life, and I have always believed style can take any number of forms. The bonding aspect of all the scarves in my collection … [Read more...]

Ralph Lauren as Historian

In case you have been living under a rock somewhere, it may come as a surprise that Ralph Lauren, the company, turned 40 this year. What’s really surprising is that at one point in time there was no Ralph Lauren; kind of hard to imagine really. Lauren created the concepts of lifestyle marketing, aspirational customers, and with the opening of the Polo Mansion, total immersion product presentation. No other designer has to his extent, actually … [Read more...]

3 Dress Shirts You Should Own

For the past one hundred years, the dress shirt has been an easy identifier of the working man. With the proliferation of young Silicone Valley millionaires who prefer jeans, sneakers, and t-shirts, things have become good deal more blurred. Most likely however, you are still wearing a dress shirt to the office daily and see no end in sight. A dress shirt is one of the best ways through which to show your personality. Besides the basics, there … [Read more...]

Dressing up Jeans


Jeans. For some people they symbolize lazy weekends; perhaps paired with your favorite old tee shirt and beat up trainers. Perfect for washing the car or walking the dog. For others they connote urban hip; the ultimate counter play to formal office wear. Ralph Lauren made news when he wore jeans with his dinner jacket to receive a major award. Far from being social faux pas though, it was instantly understood to be a very “Ralph Lauren” look … [Read more...]

Smart Sweaters for the Season


Autumn is basically synonymous with sweaters. As the temperature continues to fall, they are always the logical and most comfortable choice of cool weather wear. Worn alone or with a shirt, they have moved far along from their dark age of ill fitting, ugly designs. One of the biggest trends this season for sweaters is a turn away from v-neck sweaters to the timeless appeal of a crewneck sweater. A crewneck sweater provides a more refined look … [Read more...]