Using Colour in an Outfit


Adding that measure of poise to an outfit is the sine qua non for the elegant gentleman of today. Balance and harmony have become important once more to the modern man and this element of sartoria can take a number of forms. One of the most common methods of attaining this equilibrium is through the use of colour. Colour matching and complementation is a universally adopted method of balancing and is used in not just fashion, but a variety of … [Read more...]

Style Icon: Noel Coward

The artistic polymath Noel Coward was also one of the most desired and admired men of his day. A playwright, award winning actor, composer and society wit, Coward was the living exemplar of a Hollywood super-character; suave, clever and wickedly talented. He was also one of the leaders of fashion and his high position of influence meant that his particular interpretive chic was followed by many men who would, had he not been Noel Coward, … [Read more...]

My Style Influence

In a discussion not too long ago, someone asked me who has had the most significant style influence in my life. Though I assumed that an actor, designer or even a politician would be the winner, what almost immediately popped into my head was a little surprising. Since most people’s personality tends to be the sum of life events as well as genetics, I thought you might find a story that combines both a little interesting. If nothing else, I’d … [Read more...]

Moleskine Notebooks


As someone who is constantly taking notes, sketching out ideas and regularly trying to sound witty and knowledgeable on such elusive topics as cashmere v. merino cardigans, I pay attention to notebooks. Like any other personal accessory, a notebook says as much about you as your shirt or watch. Do you grab an anonymous spiral bound book from the office supply cabinet, or do you spend weeks searching for just the right exotic handmade Florentine … [Read more...]

Men’s Jewelry… Approach with Care

Men’s jewelry is a contentious topic for many. Some people feel very strongly that men’s bodies should remain strictly unadorned except of course for a watch, while others favor the increased self-expression that these items bring. Whatever the case, when investing in men’s jewelry, it’s best to leave the flashy items for FlavaFlav and aim for accessories with some dignity. Bracelets A bracelet should not be sexually ambiguous. It … [Read more...]