Dangerous Trends


As everyone knows, not all trends are for everyone, and some trends prove to be for no one. When a trend is too innovative or ‘out-there,’ it’s usually an indication of a short life span. Witness such expired trends as destroyed jeans, 80’s neon colored fabrics, underwear as outerwear, and the list continues almost infinitely. Other trends, however, are somewhere in the middle between completely wearable and outrageous. I call them … [Read more...]

Stocking Filers: Gift Suggestions for Men


A well-filled trouser is a sign of prosperity, but what of a well-filled stocking? Though Christmas offers an enticing mélange of good spirits, plenty of good plonk, gorgeously rich vapours from the kitchen and mountains of gifts, it can often be the small things that make your Christmas truly wonderful. The small, unexcitingly wrapped, rather flat looking package can be everything you had no idea you wanted; a little trinket or bijou perhaps, … [Read more...]

Upgrade Your Down Jacket

When a wool or even cashmere topcoat won’t suffice against the biting cold, it may be time to pull out the strongest weapon in your arsenal—the down puffer jacket. While a puffer jacket can neither match the refinement nor the tailored look of an overcoat, it provides the best protection against almost all of nature’s most cruel manifestations. To some, the puffer jacket is an abominable and ridiculous article of clothing that should … [Read more...]

Lapo Elkann: Creative (or Affected) Dresser


It must be difficult being the wild, party loving younger son of a family very much in the public eye. The elder, the heir, courts responsibility from an earlier age; the family guides them, history sets fine examples and though a great weight is set upon their shoulders, their path is clear and pre-defined. Younger sons, though they may be part heirs, are not given this sort of mollycoddling. Second sons like Prince Harry are privileged, yes; … [Read more...]

One Thing: L.L.Bean Canvas Totes

As many of you know, I have written a fair amount about men’s bags. To me, there really is no issue about it anymore; guys need some kind of bag to hold all their stuff – wallets, Blackberry, mobile phone, notebooks, etc. I also have a lifelong appreciation for designs that respect or pay homage to a product’s utilitarian roots. Classic and traditional styles have always done that. The hallmark of true preppy-ness is the re-purposing of … [Read more...]