Wearing Cargo Pants For a Grown Up Look

I recently had to accept a difficult truth about myself; I’m a grown up. Not that I am one of those late thirty-something guys who actually think they are still 22. You know the ones – always talking about college and how great it was, best time of their life, king of the party, etc. They don’t want to get on with life and eventually start looking a little sad. I’m not saying that life shouldn’t be fun, and for the record I had some … [Read more...]

3 Versatile Man Bags

It is with much pride and happiness that I feel I am finally able to announce that the debate on man bags (also known affectionately as a "murse") has concluded and their acceptability is no longer of contention.  It is almost impossible to walk down the street in New York without seeing at least one man carrying some sort of version of the man bag, now a necessity for all of modern living’s impedimenta. With the legitimacy of the man bag … [Read more...]

Guide to Clothes Sales Shopping


Along with champagne, Auld Lang Syne, countdowns and resolutions, there is one year-end tradition that is known and loved: the sales. Yes, try as they might to make people purchase throughout the year through multi million-pound marketing and try as they might to make fashion more affordable for everyone, the fact is that the populous loves cut price goods. It’s a matter of self-satisfaction. It’s rather like cheating the system in a … [Read more...]

Preppy Style v. Classic Style

Today I want to broach an interesting subject – at least interesting to me. Some while back I ran across the following question: what is the difference between preppy style and classic style? At first I thought, “Well, that’s pretty easy…” Then I tried to talk it out and realized that actually the line is finer than at first glance. While classic style and preppy style both have the same general source – traditional New England … [Read more...]

The Joy of Mixing


One thing I cannot, quite literally, stomach is mixing my food. Munching on a spicy chicken wing after a chocolate sponge pudding makes the tummy turn. I can’t abide boiling hot drinks on a summer’s day, heavy reds with fish or any other contradictory companionship as far as foodstuffs is concerned. I like order with comestibles; steak with béarnaise sauce, fish and chips, bacon and eggs. However, my taste for order and being bound by … [Read more...]