Dressing For Success


After discussing the fashion issues surrounding running for president of the United States, I thought it might be a little more useful to address sartorial issues on the plate of the rest of us. How best to dress for moving up in your career. While there are many kinds of offices, shops and other workplace venues, the general office environment is one that has universal resonance. So many of us head off to a traditional office day after day … [Read more...]

Socks: Choose And Coordinate

Generally as much of an afterthought as shoes, socks are the unsung hero of the creatively dressed man. Given next to no coverage by magazines and generally assigned to the back walls of stores, or featured like celebrity mags near the registers, socks can and should be a quick way to spruce up an outfit. On first glance the offerings can be disheartening - pair after pair of grey and black dress socks with an equal number of athletic socks. … [Read more...]

Dolce and Gabbana Fall/Winter 2008: Trend Barometer


While some fashion shows are often more a display of pure fantasy and artistic creativity than realistic wear, Dolce and Gabbana’s collections are often as much an indicator of current fashion trends as they are an influence on future ones. This collection displayed a marked departure from last year’s, where the emphasis was on slim fitting, structured pieces set in futuristic metallics that created a polished, avant-garde look. If Fall … [Read more...]

An Exercise in Etro


Following the last post on Italian house Etro, here is some pictorial analysis of my fascination. As much as Etro’s originality and quality can inspire, it is often the catwalk combinations that galvanise me. Take the first image above – a pale grey suit with purple waistcoat and coordinating tie, shirt, handkerchief. Now, as a whole this is too much. Some people might be able to get away with it – perhaps Italian eccentrics who happen … [Read more...]

Favourite Looks from the Spring 2008 Collections


Though the joys of spring are still a long way away, the fever is already in the air. Chunky knits lie unwanted in the bargain bins of the High Street; despite the continuing cold, overcoats are steadily being replaced with raincoats; gentlemen brave the mid-January streets without scarves or hats: now that 2008 has started it seems half of us can’t wait until the first quarter of it is bally well over. And there is an awful lot to look forward … [Read more...]