If You Own One Suit

Maybe you are about to graduate college and you need the one suit that will get you through all your job interviews or perhaps you just want to clear out your closet full of boxy, outdated suits, the solution for either case is a modern, versatile suit that will fulfill all your needs. The current trend in suits has been towards a mélange of 90’s era minimalism and the modern-day obsession with slim.  This present infusion has reached the … [Read more...]

“Designer” vs. “High Street”, Worth Wise

One of the worries of dispensing advice is that someone might actually follow it. It’s all very well to talk airily of this and that; to send people off to the battlefield of the high street with a convincing but perhaps unproven battle plan. I often wonder of the times when people might have followed my advice, only to discover, to their chagrin, it was the wrong advice; for those collective moments in my imagination, moments which might or … [Read more...]

Zip Front Sweaters

Everyone should have a good selection of sweaters in their closet. Though they are popular and useful articles of clothing, sweaters are not often considered fashion accessories. What I mean by this is that they tend to be more function than form. Crew necks and v-necks are the workhorses of many a closet and polo collars add a jazzy punch to the lineup. And this is just fine; not every piece of clothing you own is supposed to take center … [Read more...]

It Could Have Been So Much Better


Among my peers, Savile Row, its suits and tailors, is a thing of aspiration. It makes the best suits, has dressed the best people and justly carries an air of arrogance. One day, when we have enough money to sensibly spend a lot of it on a very nice suit, that is where we will go, with a certain amount of trepidation. There is a readymade market among British youth there, all with accelerating income and aspirations to luxury that include … [Read more...]

Beau Ideal: Berluti Shoes

A friend of mine informed me that they dream of riches, but that those dreams are tempered to the extent that they dreamed of limited wealth; of having to have limits, of having to say no. Considering the mighty elasticity of dreams, it may seem unusual. To wish finitely of boundless freedom and impossible luxury – surely the ultimate is to have seemingly infinite resources to match the infinite possibilities of our imaginations. However, … [Read more...]