All Hail the Bowtie


I have an opinion about men who wear bowties. They are mavericks; truly adventurous dressers who live on the sartorial edge. They are nonconformists and often seen as threatening to the establishment. Yes, look out for the man who sports a bowtie – he probably has an attitude. For a long time, those who wore bowties were depicted as milquetoasts or mamma’s boys. This situation has slowly changed and bowties have begun to re-emerge as … [Read more...]

Style of, by and for the People

The fact that technology has revolutionized traditional media is nothing new, but the way in which it has transformed the fashion world has been comparatively under-acknowledged. No more than ten years ago, the only outlet men had to learn about fashion and trends was either their monthly GQ or Esquire. Online media has progressively challenged the monolithic print publications, which have themselves moved increasingly into online space. Now … [Read more...]

Unmistakable Style of Matinee Idol


There was something rather special about the old matinee idol. Unlike the screen sex symbols of modern years, the idol inspired more than a little heat under the collar. They were objects of lust to be sure, but they were also something a little finer. In Robert Altman’s 2001 film ‘Gosford Park’, Jeremy Northam, himself no slouch in the screen idolatry department, played one of the classic 1930s idols, Ivor Novello. One of the most … [Read more...]

Sartorial Love/Hate: Cravats


In continuing the recently begun series on love/hate sartorial relationships, I chose an item of elegant and yet comic status. It is one of the most theatrical accessories available to gentlemen; effete and yet at the same time, a strong symbol of a dying patriarchy. The cravat is an ancient wardrobe item and though it started as a simple length of cotton or linen, it evolved into a graceful adornment for the collar. Nowadays, anything that … [Read more...]

Personal Touches to Your Personal Style

When it comes to really setting yourself apart from the crowd it’s those little things that make the difference. Today, it seems as though exclusivity itself is no longer exclusive; so taking some time to focus on the personal things that you find special will indeed pay off in the end. They can range from expensive wardrobe additions to simple touches. The point is not to break the bank because as you should know by now, money does not buy … [Read more...]