Spring Trends

When you move to New York, your wardrobe slowly but surely morphs into gradations of black and gray. Something about the city and its business orientation dictates that everyone looks like they’ve just come back from a funeral. This spring, however, is all about bright colors. At Mercedez-Benz fashion week in New York, designers showed their Fall 2008 collections and the message was unmistakable: color and lightness is back in style. As it … [Read more...]

Gatsby Style


It ranks as one of the great works of American literature; one of the first ‘Great American Novels’ and the absolute dernier cris on the documentation of the Jazz Age. Though in my opinion it is not his finest work, it is still a wonderful yarn and it is the 180 pages for which Scott Fitzgerald is best known. In fact, it is so American a tale; the birth, life and death of the famous ‘American dream’, the tragedy of money and the fragility … [Read more...]

What’s In Your Pocket?

Most men are superstitious to some extent. We have our lucky shirt or favorite pair of shoes, a certain tie; maybe even a particular driving route to the office. Likely Republican presidential nominee John McCain has a host of lucky objects that travel with him on the campaign trail, one of which is a favorite coin. This, I can relate to. I have a lucky coin as well – or, to be more precise, some lucky coins. I carry at least one of them … [Read more...]

Sartorial Love/Hate: Tone on Tone


I find it incredible how small and insignificant things can produce polar and often extreme responses. A jar of Marmite or a liquorice log might have one person salivating whilst another begins to retch; there is, very often, little middle ground. For these two famous comestibles, most people will stake their allegiance to one side of the battlefield; they are classic examples of things to love or loathe. I have discovered, in my social … [Read more...]

Managing Your Message: Execution of Personal Style

You’ve heard it many times before, “details matter.” It’s true; details are the finishing touches of personal expression. They are often what separate average guys from truly interesting men. Whether big or small, exuberant or subtle, details drive the messages we use to define ourselves to others. My fellow MensFlair contributor, Winston Chesterfield, recently posted an excellent essay on the core of personal style. His argument that … [Read more...]