Where Style Becomes Costume

Dressing in the full traditions of men’s clothing can make one a caricature. It must be combined with a touch of originality. There are blogs on men’s style that are fascinating for the depth of knowledge they demonstrate – over the role of a split yoke on a man’s shirt, over the line of a shoe’s waist. They inform many things about what I buy and what I wear. But I am often a little disappointed when I see images of the … [Read more...]

Commuter & Dad Bag Test: Crumpler – Funny Name, Good Bag


Crumpler Complete Seed ($105.00) & Part and Parcel ($160.00) / www.crumplerbags.com BACKGROUND Ever heard of Crumpler? Maybe not, but I suspect that most readers might recognize that little crazy-haired logo on the company’s bags. You might not remember exactly where you saw him or on what, but chances are it will ring familiar. Crumpler is one of those brands; sort of everywhere but not necessarily front and center. The Australian … [Read more...]

The Great Bottom Button Mystery

Ooo, there’s another one! A perfectly respectable businessman with only the bottom button of his three-button jacket done up. Just the one. Leaving the rest of the jacket flapping open. It looks so bizarre. It creates an artificial, rippling belly of negative space, and as result is surely the least flattering way to possibly do up the buttons of a suit. Why on earth do they do it? At first, I thought it was an aberration. One man walking … [Read more...]

The Double-Breasted Debate

I was always told that a double-breasted suit created breadth. Good for tall, narrow men. Not so good for the short and stout. This belief, though widely held by others, probably originates for me with the insistence of my mother that I would look lovely with a double breast, given that I am tall and could always be broader. Funny how many opinions of oneself originate with such memories of youth. There’s probably a good case to be made that … [Read more...]

Jeans: Just Liking the Basics


We talk a lot about brands on this site. What’s in or what’s out, what the new trend is and what you should give up. Brands and labels do matter; sometimes to others but more often to us. There is a certain cache to having an Etro suit as opposed to a mere Jos. A Bank; not only is the quality usually better but so is the “check me out” factor. But does the brand always have to be front and center? When it comes to clothing, especially … [Read more...]