Pocket Squares – Part 2: Wearing

In the introductory half of this double article, I imparted advice on how to take up the practice of adding a pocket square. This was vital as the second part of this ‘brace’ advances fairly swiftly, and quite without warning, into the practical side of adding a flourish. I feel it is important to remember a pocket square as a flourish. The original purpose of such an accessory is not relevant here; no one will be handing these squares of … [Read more...]

Pocket Squares – Part 1: Embracing

For a number of years, I have adorned my jacket top-pockets. What began as a practice of sartorial experiments has evolved into a daily routine; I now adorn out of desire, no longer out of innocent curiosity. My first experiment with the pocket square was an act of costuming and it was rather a failure; my perpetual fluffing and fidgeting attracted sympathetic glances but also squints of consternation. I was an amateur and my amateurishness was … [Read more...]

Brooks Brothers Gets Ready for the Spring


Brooks Brothers recently launched its Spring line and I think it looks pretty good. It's not cutting edge or breaking any new stylistic ground, but the design team has decided to channel the golden age of menswear – 1930s and ‘40s Hollywood. They have done a pretty good job of capturing the flair of that era, while at the same time reinterpreting the fashions for today’s consumers. There is a pleasing balance to the overall style, … [Read more...]

Hong Kong Trend: Winter Cardigan

It isn’t very cold in Hong Kong, or at least not for long. Even in January the temperature ranges between 13 and 18 degrees Celsius (55 to 64 Fahrenheit). Right now, it’s a spring-like 20 degrees, and feels decidedly balmy to the Brit abroad. But as far as the locals are concerned, it’s cold. When your summer regularly climbs above 30 degrees, accompanied by high humidity, 20 is cold. The formal cardigan The businessman in Hong … [Read more...]

Hello from Hong Kong: The Final Suit

As I walk along Queen’s Road Central, I have an odd feeling. There appears to be a constant pressure across my back, from shoulder to shoulder. Something is resting on each part of it equally. It is, of course, my new suit, and such is the feeling of having something that is actually made for you that it is odd to feel consistency of pressure; to feel that this stretch of cloth has been made to fit across this stretch of skin. It’s … [Read more...]