The Italian Background

The generalisation that the English experiment with their shirts and the Italians with their jackets broadly holds, particularly in business wear. While the English tradition of checked and plaid wools is a fine one, it was always largely restricted to the country (or at least the weekend) and has died out slowly as fewer English men wore suits casually. The Italians are more willing to experiment with suit cloth at every occasion. This … [Read more...]

Commuter & Dad Bag Test: Timbuk2


Timbuk2 Cross Classic Messenger ($150.00) & Cross Wiki ($60.00) / If there is one company that’s the proverbial 800 pound gorilla of the messenger bag industry, it’s Timbuk2. The San Francisco based company’s three paneled bags have become somewhat iconic, just like its curly-cue logo. Though owners can customize those panels to almost any color combination, the bags are still instantly identifiable. From its … [Read more...]

Blue Jean Baby


In a fairly recent magazine article, a fashion journalist noted that the prevalence of stonewashed denim among Hollywood leading men amounted to an embarrassment for the very image-conscious film-making industry. Pictures of starry-wonders such as George Clooney pottering around in light blue and rather shabby jeans were items of evidence and though the question central to the piece was ‘What is wrong with our leading men?’, the real question … [Read more...]

Two Tips on Ties

Here are a couple of tried and tested tips for tying ties. Apologies for the excessive alliteration. I’m a fan of a nice, large dimple in a tie. Two reasons: I think it adds a certain lustre to the silk to be pulled in thus, and the added tension helps keep the tie in place, taut and a little pushed out. I’m sure most are familiar with how, basically, to achieve a dimple (if not, please inform me in the comments section and I’ll do my … [Read more...]

Stripe Stereotypes: Show Your Stripes

What do your stripes say about you?  Whether I like it or not, the striped cotton creations I purchase on Jermyn Street do reveal a good deal about my character. For instance, my preference for old, ordered patterns - akin almost to Regency stripe wallpaper from Sanderson - exposes my love of the classical and the old-fashioned. Similarly, my reluctance to wear outrageously thick stripes or stripes of acidic tone, reveals my cautiousness and … [Read more...]