French Collars and Cuffs


“Men should only wear those” remarked an acquaintance “when they’re over forty.” He flicked his finger nonchalantly at a charming ‘French’ shirt (white collar and cuffs). I disagreed with him on the basis that youth is a perfectly acceptable, and often most appropriate, period in which to explore style to the fullest. I very much like French collars and cuffs. I like the smart white ‘framing’ of the shirt colour or pattern; … [Read more...]

Should You Wear a Belt?


Following on from my last posting on what belt to wear, there is one, perhaps more important question – whether to wear a belt at all. Those who wear braces deride belts as “pull-up not stay-up”. They suggest that several times a day you will be forced to hike up your belted trousers back to their original position. This would not happen with braces. Now, I have never worn braces. But I have also never had to pull up my belted … [Read more...]

Why the fuss: Abercrombie & Fitch


Walking up to Regent Street is a regular activity of mine. I walk across St James Park, up the Duke of York steps wedged beneath the clotted cream Nash Carlton House Terrace, and up Lower Regent Street towards Piccadilly Circus. I tend to avoid the Circus due to the high concentration of people congregating; taking pictures, loitering, pointing, pushing and shoving. If I were a tourist I could tolerate it. However, seeing it everyday is rather … [Read more...]

The Woven Leather Belt

Belts are a fact of life and most of us have a closet full of failed attempts at finding just the right combination of style and utility. For even the most sartorially proficient, finding just the right fit can sometimes mean forgoing the style we really wanted – a practical example of form following function. Even when those two goals are met, many men are, frankly, clueless when it comes to actually pairing a belt with the rest of their … [Read more...]

How to Pick the Right Belt


This seems like an easy task. But it can be fraught with problems. Let’s start with the most basic guidelines. If you are wearing a leather belt, it should match your leather shoes, if you are wearing them. Black shoes should be paired with a black belt, brown with brown and tan with tan. The shades need not match exactly, but they must be close. The brown may be a little paler or a little darker, but it should not be able to be described … [Read more...]