Costa Smeralda Report


On my recent travels to the Costa Smeralda, surrounded by holidaying Italians of varying social position and wealth, I came to the happy conclusion that I was satisfied to be born an Englishman. Not for the dreadful weather, or any of those boisterous and brutal reasons of base patriotism. But I was satisfied that I was in a better position than an unfortunate Italian gentleman who has grown up in the magnificent shadows of Renaissance churches, … [Read more...]

Stockholm Style Report


I adore capital cities. As much as I enjoy exploring the rustic magnificence of a nation’s countryside or the quaint villages where few speak English, the colliding and clashing worlds in a capital are what makes them such hubs of importance. Though I had been privy to sceptical mutterings about Warsaw I found it to be a vibrant and engaging city. Not exactly a capital like Paris or London but a city of echoes and opportunity; a strange mixture … [Read more...]

Reader Question: Odd Waistcoats

Arctin Pengiun: Do you feel that a vest patterned to match slack or the rest of a suit is too much and that a vest should always contrast the rest of the outfit? Does this fit into your definition of 'costume'? I am curious about your thoughts. Tintin: I'm wearing [a waistcoat] now. Lilac with mother mother-of-pearl buttons. The DB vest is sooo British. I'm afraid I'll be shot for wearing this vest much less a DB. There appeared to be a … [Read more...]

How to Buy Luxury: Notebooks


Those familiar with my How to Buy Luxury series will remember that I have a few straightforward guidelines for buying luxury effectively. (Here luxury will be defined as whatever is just beyond the top end of your budget – go on, be a little irresponsible!) Those guidelines are: buy quality, buy classic and buy everyday. Taking them in reverse order, whenever a man is considering spending a lot of money on an item he should consider how … [Read more...]

On Double-Breasted Waistcoats

It’s always nice when fashion coincides with personal taste. Makes you feel like the whole world is coming around to your way of thinking. Waistcoats are current example. Patterned waistcoats are an abomination, unless you’re going to the races. And even then you’d be better off in smart three-piece tails. (Perhaps in pale grey, to set oneself apart.) Waistcoats, equally, need to fit well. If your trousers are worn on the hips, as … [Read more...]