The Colors of Summer


When it comes to summer dressing, most men like the idea of adding a little shot of color to their ensemble.  At the same time there is normally trepidation when it comes to modulating that extra splash of liveliness.  When does a little become too much?  How can I show some personality without looking like a caricature? I am reminded of a fellow I saw on the street last year on a steamy summer day.  He was wearing the loudest pants I’d … [Read more...]

Be Not Afraid of Shorts


As I write, the rain pours relentlessly outside my window. Victoria Tower, which should be gleaming in the early evening August sun, is grey and indistinct. Rain has been the consistent feature of this particularly British summer and it is mightily depressing. However, I am determined to be resistant to meteorological circumstances. Summer, whatever is left of it, can still be enjoyed and it was the thoughts of warmer weather (in foreign lands) … [Read more...]

The Underestimated Button

In purchasing substantially expensive garments, a rather gregarious and patronising store attendant once told me, you are not only purchasing a complete garment but a collection of fine individual elements; the sum total of which is the garment itself. As a Michelin starred chef might only choose the finest ingredients for his creations, the traiteur de la mode will not cut corners in delivering the finest garment possible. The implication is … [Read more...]

Shorten Your Sleeves

I do not have short arms. In fact I’ve always thought them a little long if anything; average at the very least. Yet every suit I buy has arms that are an inch too long. Surely the rest of the male population with a 40-inch chest can’t have arms that are that much longer? The truth is, they don’t. Suits are just manufactured with longer arms than average because few men notice that their sleeves are too long. They’d notice if they … [Read more...]

The Logical Jacket

It always gets hotter in the afternoon in this office. I don’t know whether the air conditioning is just tired, or the whole building is warming up after a day’s sunshine, but around 3pm it starts to get a little stuffy. Today, joyously, it’s 3pm, I’m wearing a jacket, and I’m comfortable. The jacket is unstructured, cotton and half lined. It’s the lightest jacket I’ve ever worn by some distance – indeed, many would refer to it … [Read more...]