Roger Moore: More Than Dressing The Part


I have always been intrigued by the stories of artists who rest very easily on a previous period of titanic greatness; musicians who write that one great album and then escape to a beach house on St Barts; novelists who churn out the ‘most important book of the age’ and then disappear, quite intentionally, to live out the remainder of their life in quiet contentment. In many ways, I fancy it is because we expect too much regularity from our … [Read more...]

Autumn “Fuss”


One of the things I notice, in my wardrobe transition from summer to autumn, is how much ‘fuss’ I begin to add to ensembles. Summertime, for a variety of reasons, is a time for relative simplicity; a plain pocket square constituting the ‘flair.’ On the whole, the warmer months are, and long have been, a period in which I seem to prefer, quite without prior intent, to adopt the simpler items; ties of a relative plainness, cool blue and … [Read more...]

Spectrum-Spanning Combinations

At a certain point, dressing with a fondness and knowledge of traditional men’s clothing can become staid. I have referred to this previously as the point at which style becomes costume. The instant you start wearing a bowtie with your tweed jacket and flannels. The moment when you add a tie pin to your three-piece, double-breasted suit. At this point you are merely aping the dress of a certain period, and dressing up for pantomime. The … [Read more...]

What’s Wrong With a Bit of Cord?


I am a product of the countryside; growing up, surrounded by fields, birdsong and woods, I always dreamed of a life in the grand metropolis; in my favourite city on earth. However, though I have easily adapted to the ways of London, as I mature (“rapidly” as my grandfather tells me) I am aware of an increasing nostalgia for the hay bales, muddy walks and energetic weekends of my youth. A recent visit to the family home reignited sentiment for … [Read more...]

The Style of Sherlock Holmes


One of my favourite treats of entertainment is settling down, in great comfort, to watch a period detective mystery. My two favourites are undoubtedly Agatha Christie’s Poirot, as portrayed by David Suchet and Sherlock Holmes as portrayed by Jeremy Brett. I admire the detectives for their manner; their habits logically conform to their methods. They are introverted but fully capable of a civility that borders on seduction. They are powerful, … [Read more...]