The Undone Tie


A loose tie knot is much derided by style aficionados and those of a traditional bent to menswear. But it can work well. As with all these style quirks, it depends on using traditions of menswear as a weapon, understanding them and then subverting them. The dark suit, white shirt and dark tie is often used as an archetypal ‘cool’ outfit worn by movie stars and rock stars. While it becomes very formulaic if everyone wears it, and plain dull … [Read more...]

Ralph Lauren Service Part 2: The Alterations

My after-sales experience at Ralph Lauren didn’t end with the description in the previous post. It got better, again through a mixture of good service and luck. As with the previous suit, this one would need altering in one or two places. In the waist of the jacket, as I am slim compared to my chest breadth, and in the length of the sleeves, as jacket sleeves are always an inch too long for me (again, see recent post). RL does all these … [Read more...]

Bedside Reading: The Official Filthy Rich Handbook

It would appear that I’ve finally made it to the big leagues of blogdom.  Workman Publishing recently contacted me to ask that I review The Official Filthy Rich Handbook, by Christopher Tennet. This pretender to The Official Preppy Handbook throne has been making the reviewer’s rounds and I have secretly hoped to be among the chosen few to peer critically though this (satirical?) homage to the world of the super-rich and super-vain. For … [Read more...]

Good After-Sales Service at Ralph Lauren


The crotch on these trousers seems to be wearing through. That’s not good – I’ve only had them for nine months and worn them 15 times or so. Grey flannel, too. You wouldn’t expect thicker material like that to wear through so fast. Indeed, I remember the Ralph Lauren salesperson telling me that the thickness of the material meant they should last, and consequently the trousers could be worn on their own occasionally. I’ve got to be … [Read more...]

The Rules and How to Break Them. No.2

Rule 2. Do not wear brown in town It’s worth repeating my maxim from the first instalment in this series: “Rules are there for a reason, but there is nothing wrong with breaking them. These statements are not contradictory. Once you understand the rules, you can work out how to break them effectively.” So, why does the rule ‘no brown in town’ exist? Because brown was the colour that a gentleman working in the city wore when he … [Read more...]