The Old Favourite: That Overcoat


One of the most irksome hypocrisies of female fashion journalism is the approach to wardrobe ‘repeats.’ A recent article on celebrities ‘exposed’ several stylish females, women who had made a name for themselves as trendsetters; possessed with gargantuan wardrobes, these women were often seen in four or five different outfits in one single day. The exposé was simple; they had been spotted wearing something that they had been seen wearing … [Read more...]

The Allure of Sterling Silver Accessories


Gold may be having its heyday in the markets right now, but silver still holds an unmistakable sway over man. The English are renowned for their penchant of silver collecting and companies like Tiffany have built their reputations on it. Silver, sterling silver in particular – which is nice parts silver to one part copper – has a personality and warmth that is difficult to deny. The scratches and nicks which over time come to define silver … [Read more...]

I Want to Browse Your Brand

One wise old editor at my company is sceptical about websites. Whenever he gets into a discussion about redesigning, upgrading or reformulating a magazine’s site, he always asks “do you really want a website?” This is, of course, a rhetorical question; it does not expect a response. It is therefore quickly followed by a similar question: “Why do you want a website?” If the first question befuddles the colleague he is addressing, the … [Read more...]

Problem Solved: Sweaters with Ties


Ok, here’s the problem. I like ties. Such is their ability to add an exciting dash of colour to an outfit, I prefer to wear one whenever possible. Yet sweaters have their advantages as well, and the two are hard to wear together. Let me explain. If you wear a V-neck sweater with a shirt and tie, the back of the shirt’s collar is pulled forward, hugging the neck as its top button is fastened. The collar is at least an inch higher and … [Read more...]

Notes From Las Vegas

I like Las Vegas, not enough to live there but enough to look forward to the five-hour flight from D.C. It’s a remarkable city that draws designers, retailers, craftsmen and brands from around the world. On my most recent business trip to Vegas I was able to carve out a little spare time to explore Sin City's more acceptable vice: shopping. While gambling - or gaming in the industry's parlance - is the mother's milk of Las Vegas, the city's … [Read more...]