Jones Bootmaker: One Collection

Where would we be without our material dreams? I have often wondered what sort of person I could be without my never ending desire, nay craving, for perfection. When I wrote of my desire for a pair of Berluti’s I concluded that such a desire should never be satiated should I ever wish to enjoy any pair of shoes ever again. Achieving Everest in the first leap could prove to be disastrous to my sense of fulfilment. I recently ventured into Jones … [Read more...]

The Rules and How to Break Them. No.1

Rule 1: Your trousers should fall so that there is one clean break at the front, and none at the back. Rules are there for a reason, but there is nothing wrong with breaking them. These statements are not contradictory. That is one of the most important things to understand about the traditions of menswear. All rules are there for a reason. They are useful rules of thumb that become formalised over time. And they become formalised because … [Read more...]

Step-by-Step: The Odd Waistcoat and Kilgour

Picking out and wearing an odd waistcoat with a suit needs a little more explication. The previous post on this topic produced some surprise and scepticism, both among friends and on my blog (Permanent Style). The reaction, I find, is similar to that enjoyed by a suggestion on ties with jeans. Both are looks I favour because they add a twist to classic style (to paraphrase Paul Smith); they demonstrate an understanding of men’s style without … [Read more...]

Why no Silk Socks?


One of my favourite things about wearing black tie is silk socks. In particular, the lovely pair of Brooks Brothers black, silk, full-calf socks I own. They rarely get worn except at black-tie events, and are therefore as much a part of the ceremony as the bow tie or the shirt studs. Every time I wear them I am amazed by how cool silk is. Somehow, they feel cooler than bare legs. Each time an ankle is exposed or you remove a shoe, a gust of … [Read more...]

Interesting Facts on Loafers!

Well, I found them interesting. Largely because no one had ever told me them before. You probably know them already. Here goes. Loafers are for people who loaf. And you’ll never guess who people that loaf are. They’re Norwegian farmers off to see their cows. You see, the cattle loafing area is the place on a farm where the cows are taken to be milked. And Norwegian farmers used a certain, convenient slip-on shoe to get out to this loafing … [Read more...]