The Final Jacket: So Close


No matter how much time you spend thinking about the instructions to give to your tailor, there will always be something you forget. I had been thinking about the Norfolk Blazer for months, considering peak lapels, two buttons and additional pockets before I decided on my final design. (See previous posting.) Those months were almost feverish at certain points, as I debated which elements in the jacket would give it exactly the right balance … [Read more...]

Hong Kong: The Fitting

One sure sign that a tailor knows what he is doing is how he reacts to innovation. Granted, many houses have their own particular style and justly stick to what they know. But for smaller tailors with less tradition in a speciality, it is always interesting to see they react to making something a little bit different. Thankfully, Edward Tam reacted manfully to my Norfolk Blazer and double-breasted waistcoat requests. He was a little unsure on … [Read more...]

Return of the Mac

Although I am most certainly a follower of Irving Berlin and his music, I must take issue with him on the absurdity of his lyrics. In a particular number; “Let the rain pitter patter, But it really doesn't matter If the skies are grey. Long as I can be with you, It's a lovely day.” Irrespective of the company I am keeping, if it is pouring down with rain relentlessly, there is every possibility that I will be visibly, and sorely, … [Read more...]

Inventing the Norfolk Blazer

One of the most enjoyable parts of having bespoke clothes made is coming up with your own creations. Designing unique jackets and suits not only guarantees that you will never meet yourself coming the other way; it also allows you to express yourself in every aspect of their construction. For my latest commission from my Hong Kong tailor, Edward Tam, I have designed a casual blazer with a twist. A three-button jacket in navy cashmere, it will … [Read more...]

Review: Indochino Suits

Given that fit is more important than anything in men’s style (at least according to me), an online service that can provide you with bespoke clothes – even made to measure – has to be a good idea. Not everyone has a high-quality tailor around the corner, and so access to bespoke is limited. Perhaps more importantly, the lack of tailors at the lower end of the price scale has moved bespoke out of the range of most men. Indochino aims … [Read more...]