Return to Old Briefcases

On a recent excursion to the shops, accompanied by a friend, we found ourselves in the luggage section of a large and famous department store rather by accident. We had wanted to find quite another department but such is the labyrinthine layout of this gargantuan store, we had turned in a wrong direction somewhere and had ended up in an area of brass locks, leather tags and superfluous straps; surely, we needed nothing here. “Hold on” my … [Read more...]

The Enigma of Flusser


Alan Flusser knows a lot about style. Anyone who has read his books knows that, and knows that he has a gift for communicating his knowledge (though I would say that he had a better editor on Dressing the Man, which has a lot less flowery prose than Style and the Man). The enigma of Alan Flusser is that, although he knows a lot about men’s clothes, he doesn’t necessarily follow his own advice. In a recent comment on this site, one reader … [Read more...]

The Odd Trousers

“But those trousers” she said “don’t match your jacket.” I happened to be socialising with a group of friends when a young lady in our company uttered these words. She was absolutely spot on; keenly perceptive and interested. “You are quite right. They don’t.” I replied “But the real question is; do they marry well?” Frowns, analysing squints and much silence passed before the response which was, in all honesty, rather … [Read more...]

Wear a Flat Cap, But Wear It Right

Winston Chesterfield wrote a good column earlier this week on the love/hate relationship many have with the flat cap. I too am a fan of the flat cap, and it is usually my preferred hat. But I think two points are essential here: many men, including me, turn to it because there are few other sensible alternatives; and when wearing a flat cap, material is key. My hair is thinning (some would put that in the past tense). On a cold day, I need a … [Read more...]

British Style Genius: The Country Look

The roots of British style in the functional garb of hunting and working in the country are obvious. But one easily forgets the broader and longer roots of these traditions. So many pieces of modern British clothing originate in country wear. The centre vent and angled pockets of some suit jackets, for example, which consciously ape the hacking or riding jacket. There the central vent was required to allow your jacket to sit comfortably when … [Read more...]