Indochino Makes a Smart Recovery

Some people don’t take criticism well. No matter how well intentioned, or how sensitively put, they see any critical remark as personal. Nothing can be constructive; nothing can be objective. Kyle Vucko, one of the founders of Indochino, is not one of these people. I’m sure my review of the company’s online suit service, which was certainly critical, did not go down well. At the least, Kyle must have been a little disappointed. Yet he … [Read more...]

At Last, the Norfolk Blazer


It was great to hear so many readers interested in my Norfolk Blazer project – an attempt to design a cashmere jacket that could equally well go with the smartest of ties and occasions, as with the coldest of outdoor excursions. The addition of elements of the Norfolk jacket to a classic blazer was not straightforward. My tailor Mr Tam looked perplexed on more than one occasion. And as regular readers will remember, the final product lacked … [Read more...]

The Waistcoat as Jacket

This is an addendum to The Waistcoat Theory, that personal hobbyhorse of mine that attempts to solve the problem of men taking their suit jackets off indoors, and undermining all the aesthetic advantages of a suit as a result. I won’t repeat the details here; a quick search on this site for those words will produce more information on the subject than you could possibly want. But in brief, the answer is the waistcoat – matching the … [Read more...]

Aristocratic Overcoat


When I was once asked what I believed to be the most aristocratic overcoat, after lengthy discussion on the many types available, I countered the question with a statement; “It depends what sort of aristocrat you’re talking about.” Indeed it does. For the word, ‘aristocratic’ is in my opinion too often employed and is too far reaching in terms of modern definition to have any meaning at all. People are still intrigued by the notion of … [Read more...]

Merrifield’s: I Found a Cobbler!

A while ago I wrote about the absence of good cobblers in London. Not someone who glues new soles on, cuts keys on the side and might possibly do your dry cleaning, but a cobbler that knows and takes an interest in the craft of repairing shoes. I remarked at the time that there seemed to be a similar problem in New York – few people could name a decent cobbler to me. And since then I have asked in John Lobb and a few other high-end cordwainers … [Read more...]