Style Icon: Sir John Steed


Of the most celebrated fictional secret agents, John Steed (later knighted for services to the country) is one of the most beloved. While Bond is the womanising, martini-swilling superman, Steed is loyal, gentlemanly and resolute. While Bond carries with him the feint musk of misogyny, Steed’s estimation of Emma Peel leads us to believe he has a rather different view. Of course, their similarities are many – improbable hand-to-hand combat … [Read more...]

Reader Question: Fashion and Age

Nigel, London: How would you recommend that a slightly older man with an interest in youth-driven fashion incorporates this into his daily attire? Jeans, for example – some are so skinny they make you look even older than you are. Men’s style is and has always been about subtlety. The wearing of suede rather than patent leather shoes to a black-tie occasion was enough to draw howls of protest in the past. Today, the best dressed men are … [Read more...]

Reality Bites: Is It All Strictly Useless


I am not one for reality television. I hardly watch anything on television as it is; whatever draws me to the box has to be something one-off and unscripted (such as a football match) or a particularly good drama series. Following reality television is as alien to me as drum ‘n’ bass music or ‘installation’ art; and it’s certainly not old age, I have never understood these concepts, even in the flower of youth. However, I am not in the … [Read more...]

Reader Question: How Stylish am I?


Rob, London: I’ve recently started reading your blog and am struck by the universe of style that I am totally oblivious to. On a scale of one to ten (one = no style, ten = very stylish), where do I rank and why? I’ve known Rob and worked with him for a long time, so it’s simple to describe his general style. The task is also helped by the fact that Rob always wears the same thing. Rob wears a navy suit, a blue shirt and a blue tie … [Read more...]

Glove Problems

There is no doubt that I prefer the sole trader to the chain. While I am a strong supporter of the much improved stores of the high street, there is a price to pay for the efficiency and economy of the offerings of large chain stores. For one thing, it’s unlikely that you’ll find anything that isn’t designed to appeal to a broad range of chaps; certain shops valiantly seek to sell taste but generally speaking, they’ll sell what they know … [Read more...]