Sebastian & Jules Cufflinks


I spend most of my working day sitting at a desk, typing. The comfort of shirts and size of armholes are therefore important. But I also need silent cufflinks. Most of the time I wear French (or double) cuffs on my shirts, so they need to be fastened with something. That used to be variations on bar or chain cufflinks, always metal and usually quite loose. They clinked against the desktop. Even with a jacket on, they would often peek beyond … [Read more...]

The Little Book Of Ties


What is meant by the hand of a tie? What was a Macaroni? What are Macclesfield and Madder? From when does paisley date? What are the 5 ways to check the quality of a tie? What weights of silk should be used in tie making? What differentiates handmade ties from machine made? I love knowing things. To paraphrase Shakespeare, I am a notorious snapper-up of unconsidered trifles. And the topics above are just a few of the things covered in ‘The … [Read more...]

Building A Shoe Collection – The Pleasures!


A friend of mine started investing in good shoes around six months ago. I find it reassuring that I get such vicarious pleasure out of it: perhaps I’m not as self-centred as all that. His first pair was a lovely set of mid-brown, cap-toe Derbys. It was a perfect first purchase – adaptable to casual wear, around the office and business meetings, with jeans, chinos and suits. Apart from charcoal they went well with all his suits, both grey … [Read more...]

Rixon Groove, Wellington New Zealand


I’m currently in New Zealand spending Christmas with Westie and her parents. When abroad, if I can find a decent shirt maker and a good bar then I’m a happy traveller. I found Rixon Groove while ankling through the Bank Arcade. A three floor shopping area which was once, as the name suggests, an old bank. A beautiful building it now houses clothing boutiques, most of which are independent. The back story to Rixon Groove is available … [Read more...]

Value For Money In Cashmere


It’s hard to pick apart the value for money in much of menswear. But one that is particularly difficult is cashmere. There are Uniqlo sweaters for £39.99 and Ralph Lauren ones for £395. What could possibly explain the difference? A recent article in The Economist’s spin-off magazine Intelligent Life went some way to an explanation. Apologies for merely reporting their investigative journalism, but it’s good stuff and I know it is not … [Read more...]