The Quiet Sophistication of Purple and Green

Smart ties are dark ties. That is a rule of thumb not hard to understand: a dark tie is less showy, more discreet, more serious. It is also easier to wear a dark tie with an outfit. The Lawyer Background that I have described elsewhere on this site exists as it does because it is one of the few outfits with which one can effectively wear a bright tie. Dark ties have had a particular popularity in the UK as a result of the club and military … [Read more...]

The Old Favourite: The Blue Blazer

“New York, New York – so good they named it twice” goes the popular saying, (with a doff or two to Mr Gerard Kenny). And so true: New York really is a fabulous city; the vibrant energy, fizz and cornucopia of ingredients, coupled with the cluster of soaring towers on Manhattan island, has always made me think of the Big Apple as the ‘cocktail town’; the Chrysler, Empire State and the MetLife tower like vast stems of some gargantuan … [Read more...]

Cream, Kid-leather Gloves


A coincidence of two events and thoughts spurred my most recent accessory purchase. The first was the posts of Scott Schuman on the Sartorialist that picked out gloves as a bright accessory to an otherwise conservative outfit. Like most stand-out accessories, this can easily be overdone, but a little touch here or there can make an outfit. In this particular case it was yellow gloves, but I have equally seen cream, green and even purple … [Read more...]

The Fine Art of Taking off a Sweater

Recently, a reader posed to me the following question: My husband likes to remove his crew neck sweaters (and crewneck t-shirts) by grabbing it by the neckline and pulling the sweater up over his head by holding the neckline.  It seems to me this procedure tends to stretch the neckline out of shape.  Please advise me on how a man normally removes their crewneck sweater? Here, in dizzying heights of style philosophy, we sometimes get lost in … [Read more...]

A Drop of Inspiration Every Day


This is a wonderful time of year. Yes, last Monday was meant to be the most depressing day of 2009 (cold, short days, post-Christmas and the middle of the month). But the runway show season has started. Not that I get to go to the shows. Nor that I find the shows themselves that inspiring – not consistently anyway. But I love Scott Schuman’s photograph’s of ‘the off-runway scene’: what all the people attending the shows are actually … [Read more...]