Menswear Myths, Fact and Fiction


How do I know that the Blucher shoe was developed by a German general who wanted to create a boot his troops could easily remove and still be sturdy on the march? How do I know that UK menswear outfit Daks is a compression of ‘Dad’s slacks’? I know only because other people have told me. Several people, and I’ve read it in books. But I’ve never done anything to verify either of these facts independently. In fact, I go one step … [Read more...]

Style Icons: The Cincinnati Kid


“I’ll see your two thousand and raise you five thousand.” Gasps around the room. The Cincinnati Kid leans back in his chair, hand on chin. Is that a knitted tie he’s wearing? It’s so hard to tell in black and white. “Lancey’s got the jack!” “Nah, the Kid’s got the jack.” “Don’t be stupid, no one’s got it.” The crowd argues in whispers as Lancey leans forward, mockingly. Look at how Steve McQueen’s grey … [Read more...]

Sartorial Love/Hate: Cowboy Boots


“Yee hah!” I think to myself when I see a pair of them, clicking around London’s cobbled streets; the pointed toes, robust and upturned, kicking into the cold English air. The wearer’s jeans conceal all except the foot but even then, their distinctive shape and unmistakable click give the game away; some look on in admiration, some hide chuckling faces of mockery and derision: the cowboy boot has admirers, but it also has enemies. In … [Read more...]

The Galosh: A Traditional, Modern, City Shoe


Those with a passion for shoes often develop a love of browns in various hues – tan, chocolate, chestnut, oak. They also search for unusual colours and textures – red (oxblood) and green (olive), cordovan and crocodile. Black calf can just seem so dull. Particularly if this lover of shoes works in an office, or has done in the past. Black leather Oxfords may well be associated with the dull, conservative middle management of such offices … [Read more...]

Three Top Tips

“Piles and piles of useless information – that’s what the internet is.” This was the rather room-quietening remark made by a technology sceptic relative of mine when all surrounding were discussing websites, streaming video, YouTube and blogs. As daft and naïve as the statement may have been, it did provoke me to ponder the usability of the internet’s unparalleled resources; how much of what I read is actually necessary? How much of … [Read more...]