Bright Wool for Cold, Sunny Days

Today is everyone’s favourite type of day: bright and sunny with a chill in the air. Sweater weather but lovely sitting in the sun. Yes, hot days in the UK are longed for and looked forward to more than any other. But cold sunny days are everyone’s favourite. A day like this suits bright wool. Wool for warmth, bright to echo the sun. Italians have a habit of wearing pale-grey flannel trousers in weather like this – cuffed and narrow, … [Read more...]

Spring Footwear

We all look forward to spring’s arrival. We impatiently drum our fingers as we will the quickening passing of time in late winter; the December wishes for snowfall seem capricious and heartless now as the buds struggle through. The sun is warmer, the days begin to lengthen and a satisfaction touches us all: “This is it. This is the start now” said a friend on a recent, clement afternoon, his face upturned, bathing in the sunshine; his eyes … [Read more...]

Behind the Scenes: A Suit That Fits

It is always rewarding to get a look behind the scenes of a company. Nothing beats it for an insight into the philosophy, working practices and dedication to detail present in the production process. I was fortunate enough to peek behind the scenes at A Suit That Fits this week. Having seen my recent review of their customer service and initial measuring session in the Liverpool Street branch, they invited me to come to the headquarters in … [Read more...]

The Sad, Trapped Co-respondent Shoe

The co-respondent is such a beautiful shoe. Made with a mix of leather and white buckskin or canvas, it is a summer shoe that leaps out from an outfit. It makes a definite, rakish statement – and even has a rakish story behind its name. The shoe was so-called because it was the kind of thing that a co-respondent to a divorce petition would have worn, in the days when it would have been accompanied by a stained Mac and a battered brown … [Read more...]

Hollywood Gold


When I overheard a conversation between two persons, neither of my acquaintance, the response given by one to the other’s question rang, rather violently, in my ears; with the Academy Awards coming up, the constant comparisons between our ‘economic climate’ and the Great Depression and our never ending fascination with celebrity, it couldn’t be more appropriate; “Hollywood” the lady had replied “is not what it once was.” This … [Read more...]