Reader Question: Wearing Suit Jackets Separately


Ted: In reference to your post on building a wardrobe, if the man in question mostly gets navy and grey suits, does he need to buy sport coats? He can just use the suit jackets and mix and match. The short and simple answer, Ted, is no. He can’t. Suit jackets rarely look right as odd (or sports) jackets. Think about the material of the suit jackets we are talking about. It is smooth, worsted wool (at least with the first five suits in the … [Read more...]

Review: A Suit That Fits


On the fifth floor of an office block near Liverpool Street station is the measuring room of A Suit That Fits – a UK suit and shirt ordering service that has been advertising widely across London in recent months. Actually, that’s not true. You have to take the lift to the fifth floor and then go up another set of stairs. But at the top is a small studio occupied by two very personable, young measurers and a good few books of cloth. A … [Read more...]

5 Questions to Valentino Ricci

I’m sure many of you recognize this gentleman from the Sartorialist. Valentino Ricci, an attorney by profession is also the owner of sartoria Sciamat but most of all he is a gentleman with an impeccable style and when I saw his pictures I just had to get in touch with him. So I did and asked if he would like to answer some questions for me. As you can see below, Mr Ricci was very kind and accepted my inquiry. How old were you when you first … [Read more...]

Black Tie: What Does Correct Mean?

During comments on a recent posting, discussion of the use of the word ‘correct’ came up in reference to black tie. Unfortunately, that word has almost no firm meaning today in reference to menswear. Even with regards to black tie, which as an area where the dress code is specifically stated, you would assume would hold onto ideas of correctness. Have you followed the dress code or haven’t you? Black tie can mean many things. Or rather, … [Read more...]

Reader Question: Edward Tam, Tailor

PK: I have been following your blog for some time and this is my first message. I am spending some days in Hong Kong on my way to Australia and would like to have a couple of suits made and some shirts. I am toying with the idea of trying Edward Tam whom you recommended. May I ask a couple of questions: • have you tried him since you had the suit made? • have you heard of any other success/disaster stories about him? • how many fittings … [Read more...]