Lino Ieluzzi – Al Bazar


"Style is not fashion, it's something we have inside" Lino Ieluzzi, owner of clothing store Al Bazar in Milan is a well dressed gentleman with a unique style. He is colourful, elegant and oozes charisma - something the actors in Hollywood can learn from. It looks like he loves life just as much as he loves clothes. Mr Ieluzzi is simply a star. Video of Lino in his … [Read more...]

Reader Question: Building a Wardrobe


Christopher, US: I am a 21-year-old who just received a senior-level job at a local corporation. However I'm trying to build a collection of business clothes, and trying to perfect my own style that will be acceptable amongst my executive peers yet still shine in personality. I'd love to see another blog about mus- haves for a young executive that hits on maybe color/textures as well as suits, and how to change up with the seasons and still … [Read more...]

A Boot of Choice


London experienced a little snow recently. I say a little as it amounts to a mere sprinkling in comparison to the measurements some countries have to cope with each winter. “We are not used to snow” harped the local politicians, journalists and representatives. Our ill preparation was embarrassing; too little grit or salt, no emergency measures to remove ice from the pavements, and, in the interests of health and safety, the closure of most … [Read more...]

How to Tailor Your Sweaters


When you are not used to it, wearing a bespoke shirt is surprisingly satisfying. The two things you notice are that the collar fits without having to hang around the chest, and that the cut accentuates your waist without feeling anywhere tight. Catch a glimpse of yourself and it seems to be both the most flattering and comfortable thing you could wear. A sweater can easily ruin this. In order to try and cater to all body types, most are … [Read more...]

Evening Wear: Why a Four-in-hand is Better than a Red Bow Tie


Aren’t you just sick of celebrities turning up to the Oscars in a four-in-hand tie? A black tie event demands a bow tie. A long tie may be trendier, but this is an outfit steeped in history. History and tradition demand a bow tie. Right? Wrong. The four-in-hand was designed by Washington Tremlett, in 1892, for an American called Wright. He first wore it to the opera, and indeed it was originally designed as an unusual evening tie. In an … [Read more...]