Favourite Ensembles: Ralph Lauren Fall 2006


Ralph Lauren’s stock has been downgraded by Goldman Sachs to a ‘sell.’ RL, though very resistant to the worsening winds of the mighty economic storm that has claimed some of the world’s most recognisable corporations, is apparently not resistant enough to withstand the changes foreseen in consumer markets – notably that change from ‘aspirational’ to ‘desperational.’ However, despite the evident fallibility of Lauren’s stock in … [Read more...]

The Rules and How to Break Them. No.4


Rule 4: Always button the waist button of your jacket. And only that button Let’s start by defining the waist button. This is usually the middle button on a three-button suit, the top button on a two-button suit and obviously the only button on a one-button suit. I say usually because this is the custom – it is the button that is placed at the individual’s waist, the place where the tailor has opted to place the waist and measure it. … [Read more...]

Book Review: History of Men’s Fashion

History of Men’s Fashion: What the Well Dressed Man is Wearing, by Nicholas Storey, is a book evidently written with real passion for the subject. Personal touches abound, such as Storey’s relation of the fact that Lord Nelson’s hat was stolen from public display “in a planned raid on the National Maritime Museum by some utter tyke(s)”. Equally, Storey suggests that the English taste for wearing red socks with a dark suit “always … [Read more...]