The Style of Ordinary Americans


A rich vein of style runs through American men. It is a style that is partly imported and partly their own. But each part constantly and consistently informs how they dress, and gives them a little-recognised advantage over their peers in England and Italy. Americans love their history – no other nation reveres and studies the events of its past with such fervour. Perhaps it is because they have so little of it. Perhaps it is because it is … [Read more...]

A Few New Gems at Leffot


Leffot, the shoe store I described as “a gem in New York” almost a year ago now, is going from strength to strength. Back then it had only been open a month and was still finding its feet. Now it is expanding its offering (quite impressive for a luxury store in these straitened times) and has hosted trunk shows with likes of Pierre Corthay, Tony Gaziano and Denis Dwyer of JM Weston. Part of that expansion has been the addition of a few … [Read more...]

What Is Wrong With Men

“There go those rules again!” sang Connie Francis. And boy, have I felt her exasperation throughout my life. I am not a principal enemy of rules as I believe in their indispensability in an ordered society; rules are generally for the good of the majority. My ‘rule twitch’ is a physical and psychological event that occurs when I react to the proposition or promotion of a rule that displeases me; why the displeasure? Well, it is probably … [Read more...]

Wear Grey With Brights

I’m in New York and spring is in the air. To be fair, spring was in the air last week in London too. Suddenly everyone seems that little bit more optimistic, as they stand on the street with their upturned faces bathed in sunshine. Sartorially there are many ways to celebrate this change of the seasons. Brighter light means brighter clothes or lighter clothes. I tend towards the lighter colours in my wardrobe. Out come the … [Read more...]

Stop Only Fastening the Bottom Button

Ok, I’ve said it before. But it’s worth saying it again. And perhaps once more. Men are still wearing their suits with the bottom button of the jacket done up. Only the bottom button. On a two-button jacket this ruins its line, destroying the cut of every panel in the construction – panels that were tailored deliberately to emphasise the contrast between width of shoulder and narrowness of waist. The neckline hangs, ponderously, … [Read more...]